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Parallel Lines

About Me


Joshua D. Gordon


Hello, my name is Joshua D. Gordon, but you can call me Josh.  I am a cinematographer, screenwriter, and video editor. I am currently completing my bachelor's degree in digital cinematography at Full Sail University.


While finishing up my degree I am working as a camera operator for the Maroon Devil's Network (Swain County High School's athletic channel). The fast-paced nature of this work is teaching me how to respond quickly to get good shots on the fly. I also am a lover of film. I have volunteered at The Atlanta Film Festival for the past 2 years and attend every film festival in the area.

I am looking for work in the film industry as a cinematographer or video editor. I also have written several scripts I hope to get the funding to make. I know I have to work my way up just like in any industry and am not afraid of hard work. 

Demo Reel

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