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Parallel Lines


Couples Therapy

This is a narrative short that I wrote, directed, and edited. The film was shot on a single Sony FS5. All the editing was done on Premiere Pro and the effects were done with After Effects. This film was written to show that the problems most couples argue about are just not that important when it comes down to it.

Catman Too

This is a documentary short on The American Museum of the House Cat. For this documentary, I interviewed Harold Sims,  the owner of the museum, and Kaleb Lynch, who runs the shelter funded by the museum. This was shot with a single Sony FS5 and edited on Premiere Pro. There is talk of the museum opening in the spring of  2023, so changes to the film will be extended to include this at a later date.

Fair Coffee

This is another documentary short about the coffee industry. I sit down with coffee expert John Bubacz and discuss the ethics of coffee. This film was shot on an iPhone 12 and edited in Premiere Pro. Old photos were provided by John Bubacz.


This is my latest narrative short. I wrote, directed, and edited this film in two weeks. The filming was done on my Sony FS5 and edited on Premiere Pro. This film is about a wife who has to get her husband to let go of his strict schedule and relax before he dooms their vacation.

Bid You Anew Commercail Campiagn

This is a commercial campaign I put together for a cleaning company. I wrote 3 commercials (60, 30, and 15-second versions) after meeting with the client and discussing what message they wanted to get across. The actors are all employees of the company. The film was shot on a Sony FS5 and edited using Premiere Pro. 

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